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Royals Booster Club

Eric Rislove


Phone: 612-518-0110

Jeanne Brino


Phone: 651-485-0155

Mary Jo Kurtz

At Large Member

Phone: 612-508-2391

Marvin Wooten Jr.

Activities Director

Phone: 651-425-4421

The Royals Booster Club (RBC) exists to support all of the student activities available at Woodbury High School (WHS) including academics, arts, athletics and social clubs. We believe that activities enhance the high school experience for students; in fact many students feel that their activity is where they “belong” within the framework of the larger school population.

Some activities have a strong support system of parents, alumni and community members, while others lack the necessary support to provide a quality activity option for students.  The RBC works to support all activities through the sharing of information, management of fundraising initiatives, grant process and a general “all for one, one for all” philosophy.

The RBC is willing to act as a repository for donations to specific activities, offering a tax deductible status for the donor.  The RBC manages the comprehensive, school-wide concessions program and all booster groups are eligible to work concession shifts.

Many, many options exist for various activity specific booster groups to work together and cooperate with one another. 

We work to foster a positive environment, build pride, school spirit and a sense of community at Woodbury High School. The Royals Booster Club raises funds to support all WHS student activities including academics, arts, athletics and social clubs.

This is the place for parents, community members, alumni and the Woodbury business community to get involved with activities at WHS.

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Do you have a fundraising idea? You are at the right web site to get started…Click on any of the options in the right hand column to learn more about the various RBC programs and initiatives.


THANK YOU For your Support of Our WHS Activities!