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Cross Country Running - Boys & Girls

2017-18 Team!

2016 Goals

Here is the link that Coach Stevens created to record your goals. Let us know your short term and long term goals. Much easier to accomplish something if you know what you are shooting for.

Training Information

- Foot drills and strides are done after almost every running session
- Recovery food should be brought on interval days and long runs (see below for details)
- Remember to record workout (splits and mileage) in running log (see below for details)
- Use a GPS (garmin is recommended) watch to log mileage and splits (see below for details)
Post workout nutrition (Recovery food)- To be consumed after interval sessions and long runs (30 minute window after foot drills and strides). Not necessary after short/easy/recovery runs.
- Formula: body weight/2 = number of grams of Carbohydrates plus 15g of protein
- Example: Athlete weighs 120 lbs. 
- 120lbs./2 = 60g of CHO
- Plus 15g of protein
- Example food choice: Bagel with 1 serving of PB and Jelly
Online running log: create account and send me ( username. I will then send invite. Athlete has to accept the invite to become a part of the Woodbury Cross team.
communicates with garminconnect. If using a garmin watch it will automatically sync your workouts. Important because it is fast convenient and requires less steps. 
GPS watch with lap splits- Garmin watch is ideal because the online running log syncs to garminconnect. In addition, the GPS is very reliable.
Any questions contact Jeff Burkart ( or 715-864-1106)




Schedule for 2017--this will be updated as we get more information!

2017 Woodbury Cross Country Schedule

Practice starts August 14th at 8:00 a.m.

Thursday August 31st. St. Olaf Showcase 10:00 Girls 11:00 Boys

Thursday September 7th St. Croix Bluffs

Saturday September 16th Lakeville Applejack

Saturday September 23rd Milaca Megameet

Friday September 29th Red Wing

(note - Blaine moved their meet to Sept 8 and we have St. Croix Bluffs)

Tues. Oct. 17th Conf. Championships Tanners Brook-Forest Lake

Wednesday October 25th Section 4AA Championships - U of M


Coaches:  Mark Andrews, Jeff Burkart & Geoff Stevens


Thank You Team & Parents!!

Photos on Shutterfly!!

Our awesome photographers have posted fabulous photos of runners.   Go to

Request to be added as a member to our Shutterfly site to view the photos!

Uniform Care

Take good care of your CC uniform!   Wash in cold water, keep away from velcro and spikes to avoid snags and tears.  Line dry only.   Replacement cost for the singlet tops is $60!!.  Keep track of the uniform you have been issued and wear it PROUD.

Coach Mark Andrews -

Coach Mark Andrews -

Head Coach

Phone: 651-455-4938

Geoff Stevens

Geoff Stevens

Head Coach

Phone: 651-263-5274

Jeff Burkart

Head Coach & Metabolic Specialist @ Lifetime Fitness

Phone: 730-6000 ext.472

All Pace Groups

10/24/2016 Zones/mins.   Week 1
  Z1-2 Z3 Z4 Z5    
Day 1  2.0       easy 
          plus 2 strides and 1 x 400m 
Day 2 2.0       easy 
          plus 4 pre race strides
Day 3 1.0       shake out run (pre bus ride)
  2.0       warm up
          5 strides
          Sec. 4AA Championships U of M