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About Us

Mission Statement 

Woodbury High School is committed to using extracurricular activities to embrace all students and provide a positive experience that is nurturing and impactful.



The Woodbury HS Activities Department has an active commitment to meet the following goals:

  1. To provide all student-athletes with positive experiences which promote the ideals of leadership, physical fitness, competition, and the pursuit of excellence.

  2. To protect the well being of student-athletes through policies and procedures concerned with safety, fitness, and injury care.

  3. To foster progress of student-athletes through the academic curriculum of the educational institution to which they belong.

  4. To empower all student-athletes with the knowledge skills, and attitudes for success in academics, athletics, and life.

  5. To produce competitive athletic teams.



  • Participation in co-curricular activities is a privilege, not a right.

  • Academic priorities must come before participation in co-curricular activities. 

  • Co-curricular activities serve as an extension of the school day, a “7th period” with coaches serving the role of teacher.

  • “Why We Play” is much more important than the results on the scoreboard.

  • Sportsmanship needs to have a constant presence in all school-based activity programs. 

  • Ethical behavior, dignity and respect are non-negotiable. 

  • Collaborative relationships with parents enhance a school's opportunity to positively impact student success. 

  • Compliance with school, community and MSHSL rules is essential for all activity participants. 

  • High school activity programs are designed for student participants, and adults are expected to serve in a supportive role. 

  • Positive role models and active involvement in an athlete’s life are critical for success.

  • Team selection and playing time is not a direct reflection on a student’s self-worth.

  • The success of the team is more important than individual honors and is dependent upon the contribution of all team members. 

  • Participation in school-sponsored activities must be inclusive and embrace diversity.

  • Coaches, directors, and advisors will work with each other to ensure that students can be involved in multiple activities, including athletics, fine arts, and academics.