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Jennifer Olson

Jennifer Olson


Neha Jain

Editor-In-Chief and Webmaster

The Current Uproar Correspondents

Ms. Olson.....Advisor

Neha Jain...Staff Writer/Editor-in-Chief/Webmaster

Tracey Nelson.....Staff Writer/Editor

Brandon Yee.....Staff Writer

Emily Zhi.....Staff Writer

David Zhu....Staff Writer

Leah Zhu......Staff Writer

Ethan Park.....Staff Writer

Rocko Hale.......Staff Writer

Maya Mehra.....Staff Writer 

Sofia Falagan.....Staff Writer

Amber Deloia......Staff Writer

Larissa Lennartson...Staff Writer

Club Description

The Woodbury High School Current Uproar! is the student newspaper, with a cast of capable, creative writers that have a passion for what they do. Our paper presents the stories and ideas circulating around our school, community, and our own personal lives. It also doubles as the school's literary magazine, as we accept short stories and poems that are submitted. In addition, outside submissions are always welcome!

Woodbury High School Main Website

The school's main website. Our sources for events come from their calender.

This link provides a basic summary of our student rights which can also be read on the SPLC website. If you are a writer for the Uproar, you MUST read this to gain a basic understanding of your rights as a student journalist!

This is the complete, definitive source for knowing your rights as a member of the student press.

Three Sixty Journalism Program

This is an awesome program that can help writers become better at what they do in this club! If you have the time for it, the Uproar encourages you to sign up!

    Interested in Joining Us?

    Do you have a passion for writing?

    Do you enjoy taking photographs, attending school events, or current events?

    Than the Woodbury High School Current Uproar newspaper might be for you! If you are interested in joining the paper, you can contact our adviser, Ms. Olson, or contact our editor-in-chief, Neha Jain, by email. Or better yet, just come to one of our meetings! We meet Mondy's right after school in the Media Center and we'll introduce you to everything that we do and help you gain a foothold in the club. Print out the application bellow and we'd love to have you!

    Outside Submissions?

    If you are not a member of the school newspaper, you can still contribute to our paper! Please send us an email at the link below and attach your article, short story, or poem, and we'll edit it and post it in our latest edition for you. We'd love to include you.

    The Current Uproar Woodbury High School Newspaper Club

    2017-2018 Issues

    2016-2017 Issues

    The Uproar! Blog

    *Newspaper Club meets Mondays, after school, in the media center.*

    **Farewell Letter**

    So... this is it. This is my last post as your editor-in-chief. I know that it's not as big and flashy as I would've wanted it to be, but I just wanted to keep it simple. This is for everyone who has been in newspaper. 

    It's been an honor to work with each and every single one of you. I look back on what was my freshman year of newspaper, and every single month I am astounded by the quality and quantity of the articles that we published. It doesn't matter if we're a paper that publishes once a month, or once every few months--what matters is the dedication of our staff. And given my standards, and how I had to work out the kinks of a system that could sometimes be bogus, it's amazing that everyone who participated had that level of patience. It only goes to prove my point: you are a fabulous newspaper staff. We couldn't have built this newspaper up so fast in so little time if we didn't have you guys.  

    All of you have an enormous amount of talent! I was surprised by the level of maturity that each one of you put into your pieces, as well as fluency in grammar and diction. Not only that, but it was easy to detect your passion. I hope that each one of you takes writing courses in the future, because if there's one thing that we've all learned, it's that writing is a skill--a valuable skill. 

    The future seems a little uncertain now, but I'm confident in your abilities to work together as a team and continue producing newspapers. You'll have to talk to Mr. Gonnion in regards to getting editorial access to the site, but that shouldn't be an issue. All I have left for you guys is the editor's handbook, which I have posted on the site. I wish the best of luck to Maria Stathopoulos, who will be taking over my position in the next year.  

    Once again, thank you all for joining and writing for this newspaper. I wish for the success of the team, but more importantly, I wish for your happiness. Remember: these four years don't last forever; it's up to us to make the most of them. Just by looking at you guys, I know that I've made the most of mine. 


    --Chloe Spencer

    Editor in Chief 2012-2014

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    Writers, check below for any events listed that we could cover!

    What's Going On At Woodbury High School?

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    Read about articles on Woodbury High School by other sources like the Patch, Star Tribune, or Pioneer Press!

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