Sideline Cheer Notes

  • Watch the calendar for event/ game details regarding apparel and hair requirements.
  • Please see the handbook for additional information.
  • Being part of this team is a priveledge and your attitude and actions should reflect this at all times.

Strive to improve, Be respectful and support each other


Below are videos covering most material taught so far.  Be sure to know these cheers.

See school song below...notice the Rah, Rah, Rah part is missing.  Know the words!

School Song - Royal Rouser

On you Royals, On to Victory.

Win this Game, Come on, Let's Go.

With a Bang Let them know, that We're the Royals Gang

and that we'll win a Victory here Tonight! Rah, Rah, Rah!

On you Royals, Hit them Hard and Low;

For the Glory of our Name Let's Fight!

Let's Go Team, Win Team, for the Royals Blue and White.

W-O-O-D-B-U-R-Y, Woodbury, Woodbury

Goooo  Royals!

Royal Rouser