Tryouts for 2019-20 Basketball Squad are October 22

We will hold tryouts for interested candidates on Tuesday, October 22 from 3:30-6:00 in the activities center court 4.  We will begin with a clinic to teach the material, followed by a formal tryout with a small group.

  1. All candidates MUST register online BEFORE tryouts. (link below)  
  2. All candidates MUST have a signed Informed Consent form and Code of Conduct BEFORE tryouts. (Link below,  included in tryout packet)
  3. Please wear athletic shoes, a t-shirt, and shorts or leggings.  Have your hair pulled away from your face in a ponytail, braid, etc.
  4. Please be prepared with the cheer shown below. (scroll down the page)
  5. You will be taught a dance and short chant at tryouts.
  6. You will need to show a toe touch jump....see below for links to help.
  7.  Results will be posted here within 48 hours after tryouts
  8. Candidates who are named to the team will be finalized as team members after academic status check and teacher recommendations are received by the coaches.

Cheer - Know this BEFORE arriving for tryouts

Royals, our jobs not done - yell Go Blue when we get to one , 3-2-1 Go Blue

Royals, our jobs not done - yell Go White when we get to one , 3-2-1 Go White

Royals, one more time - Go Blue, Go White, Go Blue, Go White


Here are some Links to help you get prepared!