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Swim & Dive - Girls

Banquet 2017

2017 STATE Celebration Dinner @ Bucca di Beppo

Congratulations on STATE 2017! Go Royals. 

Top 16 MSHSL STATE Finalist Gabby Vitela

State TM Sophia Vitela 

Counter Kayley Pokrandt 

Leading the Wave: Leadership Training.

Together We are Stronger. 

2018 Team Motto: Work Hard. Dream Big. 

See "Leading the Way" TAB for more info. 

Graduating Class 2018

Post Season Coaches Meeting: Listen, Review, Reflect and Create 2018 Goals

Make a Splash 2017: We Are the Royals

Lions In Royal Water

Royal Pride: We are most powerful as a team. Coming together as a group under one common goal.


Woodbury Welcome Fish Poly

click the above link to see and hear a message from WHS Welcome Fish Poly.

2017 Fall WHS ActivitiesLink

Activity Passes Can be purchased at the activities office. Can NOT be used at hockey games. Can be used at East Ridge, Park and Woodbury High School Home events. $40 for student- $60 for adults... adults also can be accompanied by 2 elementary students. Or at every Home event please have cash and be prepared to purchase a ticket to support and watch. Go Royals!

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Head Coach Liz and Dive Coach Sherry

Head Coach Liz and Dive Coach Sherry

Questions? Ideas?

Ask for help here: email Coaches.

Coach Liz Rodgers

Coach Liz Rodgers

Head Swim & Dive Coach

Coach Sherry Gross

Coach Sherry Gross

Diving Coach

Coach Lizzy Perkins

Coach Lizzy Perkins

Assistant Team Coach

Coach Maddy McNearney

Coach Maddy McNearney

Assistant Team Coach

Danae  Bruning

Danae Bruning

Volunteer Coach

Shark Week! Team Mascot-Ryder Perkins 

Art by Team Member Isabelle Johnson

Favorite Dryland Workout? Let us know!

Dryland Workout Poll. Vote your favorite dryland workout. Help us design our total team 2018 practice plans. Go Royals! Fish out of Water!

The Streamline Project: A Mobile Art Gallery of Streamlines

Collect all 5 QR codes on this website. Unlock them. View the image. Who are they? What is essential about their posture in the water? Email your answers to Coach Liz for a prize.

Faster. Higher. Stronger.