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Swim & Dive - Girls

SENIORS 2017 Welcome to the Aquatic Jungle!

Senior Night Tuesday 10-17-17



Dive: LMS Warm Up 3:30 Meet 4:30pm

Swim: WHS Warm Up 4:30 Meet 6pm



TRUE Team Sections 2017

TRUE Team Sections 2017 Top 8 medalists.

2017 Section True Team Divers- Dive Host Woodbury

Lions In Royal Water

Royal Pride: We are most powerful as a team. Coming together as a group under one common goal.

Team Picture Day Wednesday Oct 25, 2017 3:10pm

3:10pm Team Picture WHS 

3:20pm Individual Swimmers WHS 

4pm Individual Divers Lake Jr High

Sweet Success! Simley Spartan Invite 2017. Go Royals.

On an Island With You 1948 Esther Willams

Watch the great water star Esther Williams Swan Dive, Backstroke with thumb out pinky in catch, rotate from the hips & core to swim back & free, use high elbow freestyle and have a great sense of water and balance. 1948

Make a Splash 2017: We Are the Royals

23 Swimmers & Divers Accomplished Lucky 7s AM Weights and dryland practice!

9/6/17 Day 1= 21!


Way to Go Royals! 


9/13/17 Day 3=23! 


Excellent Teamwork! Together WE the Royals are Better!! 


Woodbury Welcome Fish Poly

click the above link to see and hear a message from WHS Welcome Fish Poly.

ROAR, team member Emma Hoff

Thank You Booster! New Flags are Up! It was a total Team effort! Nice teamwork Royals!

2017 Fall WHS ActivitiesLink

Activity Passes Can be purchased at the activities office. Can NOT be used at hockey games. Can be used at East Ridge, Park and Woodbury High School Home events. $40 for student- $60 for adults... adults also can be accompanied by 2 elementary students. Or at every Home event please have cash and be prepared to purchase a ticket to support and watch. Go Royals!

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Faster. Higher. Stronger.

2017 Coaches Summer Team Building Breakfast


Head Coach Liz and Dive Coach Sherry

Head Coach Liz and Dive Coach Sherry

Questions? Ideas?

Ask for help here: email Coaches.

Coach Liz Rodgers

Coach Liz Rodgers

Head Swim & Dive Coach

Coach Sherry Gross

Coach Sherry Gross

Diving Coach

Coach Lizzy Perkins

Coach Lizzy Perkins

Assistant Team Coach

Coach Maddy McNearney

Coach Maddy McNearney

Assistant Team Coach

Shark Week! Team Mascot-Ryder Perkins 

2017 Broken Records: Congratulations Sarah Parker, Sadie Sroga & Gabby Vitela

Congratulations 7th Grader Sarah Parker 

NEW WHS Girls Swim & Dive Grade Level Records

10/12/17 Grade 7 50 Free Sarah Parker 26.70

10/12/17 Grade 7 50 Free Sarah Parker 58.93 

10/5/17 Grade 7 50 Free Sarah Parker 26.84

9/7/17  Grade 7 100 Free Sarah Parker 59.81 

8/31/17 Grade 7 50 Free Sarah Parker 26.86

8/31/17 Grade 7 Medley Relay Free 26.02

8/31/17 Grade 7 200 Free Relay 25.95


Congratulations 9th Grader Sadie Sroga

NEW WHS Top 20 All-Time Record

9/23/17 Medley Relay Back 32.04


Congratulations 10th Grader Gabby Vitela

NEW WHS top 20 All-Time Record

9/23/17 Medley Relay Back 30.45

Art by Team Member Isabelle Johnson

Team Member Lauren Jones makes Poster for Homecoming Parade

The Royal Current: Announcements

Faster. Fitter. Smarter Swim Tour for the Minnesota community.  All local area High School and Club Coaches where invited to attend without cost. Local youth swimmers could pay a fee independently and participate. It was a great day for learning at the YMCA outdoor 50 meter pool in West St. Paul.  Olympic Champions Nick Thoman, Giles Smith and Kierra Smith Coached the 9/8/17 tour. 

Highlights, Take aways and the daily Details that make great swimmers elite. Stepping Stones. Bridges. Goals. 

Technique: Streamline=squeeze your brains.  Fish Kick. Lung Capacity. Tighten Your Core. Accelerate into Turns. "What you put into it you will get out of it"-Nick Thoman. Use walls to your advantage. Strike a Pose Drill. 

Nutrition: Eat on meet day what you typically eat everyday. After a big practice eat something with good nutrients or protein 20/30 min after to help muscles repair. Hydrate. To alleviate muscle cramping, try bananas as a source or potassium. 

Rest: Work hard everyday especially at the start and middle of your season.  Lay the foundation for a good taper NOW.  "Have the commitment to work hard during the season and the courage to rest during taper, journal daily"-Kierra Smith. Aim for 9 hours of sleep nightly.  

"The secret to successful swimming is hard work"-Giles Smith.







Fitter Faster Smarter Website

Learn More. Watch Clinic Review Videos See when next local event takes place.


Mix it Up, Kick to the Finsh, long Distance Pacing, Holding the Interval, and Sprint. Time and Tempo, Music as a Motivator!

$260 was donated to the Girls WHS Swim & Dive Team from the Cycle Giving Event. Thank you to all who participated and donated.  The Woodbury Royals at Woodbury Cyclebar! Thank you for trying something new, donating towards the underwater sound speaker and representing our team in the Woodbury Community! Mackenzie you are an inspiring teacher and Motivator! Thank you for the family/team experience! 

Role Model : Dara Torres 

Why swimmer Dara Tores uses spin! 


Liz was certified to teach spin in 2002 through a program at UWEC. She taught it for 2 years in collage and 4 years after.  Successful Swim programs use the benefits of spin and incorporate it into the weekly practice plan.  Qualities: Kick to the Finsh, long Distanc Pacing, Holding the Interval, and Sprint. Above is an article from our Role Model Olympian: Dara Torres on the benefits. 

Favorite Dryland Workout? Let us know!

Dryland Workout Poll. Vote your favorite dryland workout. Help us design our total team 2017 practice plans. Go Royals! Fish out of Water!

The Streamline Project: A Mobile Art Gallery of Streamlines

Collect all 5 QR codes on this website. Unlock them. View the image. Who are they? What is essential about their posture in the water? Email your answers to Coach Liz for a prize.

Team Photo 4-6-17

Join The Team! District wide event 4-6-17. Royal Pride!



Please stay tuned for future updates.

The Royals are in the process of collaborating and creating the foundation for a valuable and successful 2017 Season.  Our team website will be updated with information and events weekly in 2017. Any questions please reach out to new Coach Liz or returning Coach Sherry. Go Royals!